Nurse End of Year Procedures

All School nurses must follow the "End of Year" process below.

For ALL Students, run a copy of the PowerSchool Office Visit Report and save to either a CD or external drive before June 30, 2019.

Student Office Visit information is kept in PowerSchool for two years.

Immunization and Screening data will remain in PowerSchool from year to year.

For any student leaving your school either graduating or transferring outside the Diocese, the following reports need to be generated in PowerSchool and provided to those prospective schools.

  1. Health Screening Report
  2. Immunization
    a) White Health Cards
    b) Run the Immunization Dates & Compliancy Status Report
  3. Permanent Record Report (2 copies)- 1 for the school office and 1 for the school nurse
Health Screening Report Instructions
Instructions on how to run Health Office Visit Report
How to Run the Immunization Dates & Compliancy Status Report
Permanent Record Report Instructions